The So and So Series


So and So's in a state. It's in...a state.

And it's got the #13 tattooed in a strategic location to prove it. Come hear some songs from the shore: Julia Cohen, Mathias Svalina, Bronwen Tate, and Gabriella Torres.

Saturday May 5th 8pm The Lily Pad 1353 Cambridge St. Cambridge, MA, Inman Sq.

Julia Cohen
is the co-editor of the new print journal Saltgrass. Her chapbook, If Fire, Arrival is out with horse less press and her second chapbook, Ruby's Bell, is coming out with H_NGM_NB__KS early this summer. Her work is forthcoming in Denver Quarterly and Spinning Jenny. She lives in Brooklyn.

Mathias Svalina lives in Lincoln, Nebraska, where he co-edits Octopus Magazine & Books. His poems have been published or are forthcoming in such journals as Typo, jubilat, Fence, Denver Quarterly & American Letters & Commentary. His chapbook, Why I Am White, is forthcoming from Kitchen Press.

Bronwen Tate enjoys living in Brooklyn, NY but will soon be moving to the San Francisco Bay Area because she can't seem to get enough of school. Warmer weather will also be a plus. Some recent poems have appeared in Typo, How2 Journal, No Tell Motel, and Word For/Word. Her chapbook Souvenirs is available in person or on her blog ( as part of the Dusie Chapbook Kollectiv. She really likes guillotine paper cutters and other large metal devices for making books.

Gabriella Torres currently lives in Brooklyn where she co-edits the tiny with Gina Myers. Her works have recently appeared in Sink Review,Cannibal and Past Simple.


So and So #12

Thanks so much for coming to So and So's first birthday. It really loves the nerf baseball set you got it.

Ellen Kennedy in the handicapped bathroom at EPCOT.

Tao Lin. Amoeba porn mogul. The Hugh Hefner, if you will, of amoeba porn.

Heather Madden pretending into the empties.

Julia Story was thinking "chirp." We could hear it.