The So and So Series


So y'all were sleepin' on the So and So Series?

Oh, hell no!

On Saturday January 6th Flim Forum Press presents Oh One Arrow authors John Cotter, Adam Golaski, Matthew Klane, and Jeff Paris. Oh One Arrow will be available for $18. 7pm, venue: TBA.

John Cotter has published work in 3rd Bed, Goodfoot, Hanging Loose, failbetter, Pebble Lake, Coconut Poetry, The Columbian Journal of American Studies, and others. He lives in Cambridge where he's working on a novel. In 2007 his work will appear in Volt, Unpleasant Event Schedule, word for/word, and Oh One Arrow.

Adam Golaski, co-editor at Flim Forum Press and Horror Fiction Editor of New Genre, is known to a small—but devoted—group of fans as the lead singer of Outlet (1991 – 96), a two-man punk outfit formed in Woodland, Maine. Their best known recording, Letter to Mars, was distributed exclusively fan-to-fan on cassette—the original 4-track recordings, made in an Amherst College basement, were stolen. Outlet stepped into the studio once more in 2000 and recorded the raw stuff for a new album, as-of-yet unreleased. Two tracks from those sessions, “Why Worry Rosary” and “I’m Bored Airports,” became minor hits for Golaski, as he performed them at Boston area clubs. The other half of Outlet, Jeremy Withers, still works with Golaski in the capacity of graphic designer. Aside from the beautiful Oh One Arrow, Withers is also responsible for the look of New Genre #4.

Matthew Klane is co-editor at Flim Forum Press. Currently, he lives and writes in Albany, NY. See recent work in word for/word, Plantarchy, and string of small machines. Also: check out The Meister-Reich Experiments, an evolving hypertext, at

Jeff Paris lives in New York City. It just kind of happened. Or keeps happening. His job is getting groups of small children to sing and dance. No, really—that's his job. Check out New Genre, the journal he co-edits. His chapbook of prose poems is called “The Mothskull Windchime."


So and So takes to the road (ok, so it was only like a half-mile further into Cambridge...but still. Quite an adventure).

Thanks to Porter Sq. Books for adopting us for the month and to all the people for just showing up. And believe you me, The So and So Series certainly got suped up.

Special guest(s) Chad (the whole country!) treated us to his (their) poem which leads off the latest Redivider.

Kim Garcia led off the Madonna-themed evening, reading from her Madonna Magdalene.

Scatologist Seth Hurley delivered his lecture on the mysteries of the perfect stool.

Erin Trahan lets us know what her horn would say. Wouldn't say.