The So and So Series


The So and So Series Returns June 3rd, 8pm @ The Lily Pad

The second installment of the series will feature the staff of Ploughshares: David Daniel, Rob Arnold, Simeon Berry, and Elisa Gabbert.

David Daniel is the Poetry Editor of Ploughshares and author of Seven-Star Bird (Graywolf Press). Rob Arnold is the Managing Editor of Ploughshares and Editor of the on-line literary journal Memorious. Simeon Berry is a Reader for Ploughshares and his NaPoWriMo poems can be found at The Coriolis Question. Elisa Gabbert is also a Reader for Ploughshares and her NaPoWriMo poems can be found at The Steinach Operation.


The So and So Series Debut a Success

My thanks go out to the readers, Kitchen Press poets Justin Marks and Erin Burke, and to all those who attended! We missed you, Ana! And thank you to the Lily Pad for hosting. It was a beautiful spring evening in Cambridge, and we couldn't have asked for a better turn out. The reading lasted about an hour and a half, and afterward we just walked a couple blocks to my place for a few drinks. It was all in all a really nice night.

Kitchen Press represent, represent.

Justin Marks read from his Kitchen Press chapbook You Being You By Proxy, his full-length manuscript Twenty-five Hours in Iceland and Other Poems, as well as from his new work. It was particularly good to hear his long poem "[Summer insular]" because I don't think he's read it in public before. Erin Burke read from her forthcoming Kitchen Press chapbook which sounds like it will be made of equal parts insightful aphorism and gritty sensuality. I'm looking forward to its release. I took the opportunity to read some newer pieces I wrote for a collaborative chapbook of work poems. More on that project to come over at The Steinach Operation.


R. Kelly wants YOU to join him in the hotel lobby for the after party!

Well, not really the hotel lobby. And not really R. Kelly for that matter. But after the premier of The So and So Series, Allison and I are hosting a bit of a reception at my...ahem...crib. Just a 10 minute walk from the Lily Pad. Afterall, it's the freakin' weekend, baby.