The So and So Series


So and So #9. In the books.

Thanks to everyone who came out and to Ellen and all the folks at Porter Sq. Books. And of course to Flim Forum Press:

Adam Golaski. $24.89.
$5.00 tip.

John Cotter sucking on our bottom lip.

Jeff Paris turning all our baggage into cellos. Violins.

Matthew Klane. Wired. Like the rest of us.

The art within the art.


Poster w/ chick, bowling motif, and frog.

And the tentative schedule through June. Thanks to Brian Reardon for his generous work.



Ellen at Porter Sq. Books has kindly agreed to bail us out again while The Lily Pad continues its renovations. See you there...25 White St. in Cambridge's Porter Sq. Shopping Center right where you come out of the Porter Sq. T station. January 6th at 7pm. See below for deets.