The So and So Series


So and So #40

Poetry by Dan Boehl * Julie Doxsee * Sampson Starkweather * Paige Taggart

Jewelry by Paige Taggart

Saturday * September 4th * 8:00pm * Morning Times * 10 E. Hargett Street * Raleigh, NC

Dan Boehl is a founding editor of Birds, LLC, an independent poetry publisher. His chapbook Les Miseres et les Mal-Heurs de la Guerre is now available from Greying Ghost. He lives in Austin and works for the University of Texas.

Julie Doxsee holds a PhD from the University of Denver and is the author of Objects for a Fog Death (Black Ocean 2010) and Undersleep (Octopus Books 2008). She teaches creative writing, literature, and academic writing at Koc University in Istanbul, Turkey, where she lives on the European side of the Bosphorus.

Sampson Starkweather is from Pittsboro, North Carolina. He is the author of four chapbooks, most recently, SELF HELP POEMS, by Greying Ghost, a book of "action-poems" whose intent are to cause an effect, in this case to save his best friend's life. He is a founding editor of Birds, LLC, an independent poetry press. He has recently moved from the woods, where he lived alone, to Brooklyn, where he lives with another human-being, sort of.

Paige Taggart lives in Brooklyn and her chapbook Polaroid Parade is forthcoming with Greying Ghost Press. She has an e-chapbook available worldwide, Won't Be A Girl with Scantily Clad Press. Recent or forthcoming work can be found at No Tell Motel, Glitterpony, Sink Review, RealPoetik, Umbrella Factory, Bateau, Sentence. She's an above ground jewelry maker, you should peruse:


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